When our bodies are out of balance it affects all parts of our lives, from our physical health, our relationships, energy levels, to the way we manage stress and how we feel about ourselves.

The Palmyra Beach hotel in cooperation with Mood Life Wellness offers you luxury services of massage, physiotherapy, personal training and wellness consulting.


Relaxing Massage

An ideal massage to relieve everyday stress, loosen general muscle tension and achieve an overall feeling of well-being. This classic full-body massage is performed with long strokes and kneading to soothe sore muscles, while stimulating circulation and promoting a feeling of total relaxation.

Deep tissue Massage

A massage of deep, direct pressure and slow, firm strokes that help separate and lengthen your muscle fibers. Great for releasing muscular tension and stiffness due to athletic activities, stress and/or overwork. An excellent choice for revitalizing your entire body.

Sports Massage

A special application of movement and stretching techniques targeting the muscle and connective tissues that aims to increase flexibility & range of motion of the body and relieve muscle soreness. This treatment focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.

Back Massage

This is a tailor-made massage that focuses on the upper half of the body, using medium pressure. It relieves tension and stress, improves the blood flow and soothes the muscles around the neck, shoulders and lower back.


Functional Training

A full body workout program aiming to strengthen all muscle groups, firms and stretch the limbs through a set of daily movements. An excellent training to improve flexibility, reflex, balance, endurance and strength. It consists of exercises and equipment exercises using free weights, resistance bands and/or TRX. Depending on the weather, training may be performed outdoors.

Pilates Mat Work

An engaging set of mat exercises emphasizing on the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. Pilates exercises promote physical and mental well-being while also improving body balance, spinal support, lower back strength and sports performance by developing pelvic and scapula stability, abdominal control and by using focused breathing patterns. This workout involves use of basic Pilates gear such as the ring, resistance bands and weight balls.


Yoga is an ancient practice that cultivates boundless benefits on physical, mental, emotional levels. A 60 minutes group class can be the perfect morning boost of energy to start the day or a great way to end a long hour day by stretching the body nicely. It can help you stay flexible and strong without adding stress on your joints,
protecting the neck, low back, knees. Within the hour, you get the benefit of a full mind-body approach that will release the stress and tone the body.

Stretch and Relax

A 20 minutes full body session, ideal for muscle and limb relaxation through a series of stretching exercises. Available only after an exercise session.


This therapy is conducted by an experienced physiotherapist. It is a combination of hands-on massage assisted by ultrasound, heat, tape/ kinesio-tape or dry needling. The physiotherapist helps perform a set of exercises and movements that reduce pain and gradually increase mobility. Additionally, the physiotherapist teaches how to manage pain and prevent future similar injuries.



CRUDO (Plant Based Meals)


The flavors of the vegan restaurant are offered in the relaxing environment of Palmyra Beach Hotel.

Come to visit Crudo in a cozy and relaxing ambiance and enjoy its delicious food.





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