Sports & Adventure

From cycling, windsurfing and diving on the Athens Riviera to hiking on thyme-scented mountains or jogging by the sea, Athens riviera is a destination designed for outdoor adventures any time of year.

Time for endless fun !!!


It’s time for Biking - Podilatada!

During your stay in Glyfada, embrace the opportunity to cycle by the sea and in the commercial area of Glyfada! Wear your cycling suit and helmet and… enjoy the ride! Rent a bike for as long as you wish and then return it. Should you need more information on bike rental from our partner, please ask the front office.

Karting, a very popular and modern sport!

Do you want to experience an exhilarating Kart drive? Then go Kart to St Kosmas centre which is 5 minutes by tram from the hotel! Develop the average hourly speed of a racing kart in a beautiful and clean environment! Take the opportunity to try difficult turns on the long asphalt for about 45 minutes! There are no age limits for Karting. The racing track welcomes speed adorers of all ages.

Scuba Diving

Not a diver yet, but want to explore the paradise world of the deep sea? Are you ready for a diving experience? Do you want to explore the reefs and caverns of the Saronic Gulf? Visit any scuba diving centre in the area and embrace the thrilling opportunity to dive with professional divers. After your first dive you will be a sea enthusiast!

Windsurfing, SUP & Watersports

Varkiza Bay

Best for: Beginners, intermediates & families
Athens’ closest windsurfing hub. The beach is divided into two sections. Half is taken up by Yabanaki beach resort, home to the water-sports club Yasurfaki. They offer windsurfing rental, as well as lessons with experienced instructors, together with a full range of watersports (wakeboarding, banana boats, SUPs).
The beach resort has a full range of amenities including cafes and restaurants, showers and children’s play areas, making it a good option for those with non-windsurfing family/friends.

Nautical Sports Club of Varkiza: For a more back-to-basics experience. They offer lessons for beginners and intermediates, and very limited rental for the more advanced. Lessons are usually arranged in hour-long blocks in the morning and afternoon. Weekends spaces fill up fast, so book ahead.

Kouros Club - Anavyssos (Alykes Beach)

Best for: All levels
Thanks to the relatively flat terrain of the old salt flats behind the beach, the northeasterly wind coming into the bay is relatively strong and steady, making this one of the most popular spots for windsurfers. Here you’ll find the well-established Kouros Club, offering windsurfing and SUP rental and lessons for everyone from complete beginners to the more advanced. They also arrange kitesurfing trips to other beaches.


Sailing & Private Cruises

Sailing Athens (Discover Athens by Sea - Luxury Catamaran Day Cruises)

Athens is surrounded by sea with a unique coastline up to 30 miles. Only 20 minutes away from the Acropolis, you can reach the Athens Riviera and discover the most beautiful secret of the city. You have the opportunity to meet the Athens Riviera, by luxurious sailing catamaran cruises. You can choose between a morning or sunset semi-private or private half-day cruise, and a full-day private cruise, up to ten persons.

The cruises include historical narrations across the Athenian coastline, sailing, swimming – snorkeling in crystal blue waters and an amazing gastronomic experience, with a variety of traditional Greek tastes.

On the deck of the catamaran you may relax and enjoy the stunning view of the city.


Skydive Greece – Jump over the sea

The oldest skydiving school in Greece (1988) and the first one authorized by the Hellenic Aviation Association (ELAO), since 1989 and USPA member since 1995.

All our instructors have credentials from the best skydive rating schools of the world and verified by USPA. They have multi-year skydive experience and staying non-stop involved in the sport, both nation and world-wide and are fully aware of the DZ and the plane used. Training methods are Static Line, AFF and Tandem.

Skydiving gear and equipment come from the most known and trustworthy companies. They get inspected and well-maintained according to the manufacturers’ manuals and the Law. One of Greece’s only two FAA certified Master Parachute Riggers, Maria Kambourova, with 30 years of extensive experience and undisputed culture in the sport, is responsible for the rigging and maintenance. Every inspection, modification and repair are conducted on a certified well-equipped facility, under strict specifications in compliance with the manufacturers and the Law.

We are located inside the Megara General Aviation Airport. Ground schools are conducted on our facilities and student jumps on the trained familiar DZ.


Skydive Athens

Learn to Skydive - Tandem Jump - Pro Skydivers

Skydive-Athens is the only skydiving center in Greece which operates all year round flying a turbine aircraft to 14000ft (4200m) in only 15 minutes. The nice setup and ambient facilities provide a relaxed but professional environment and invites you to spend many hours and days with us. “The Experience of a lifetime” Doing a tandem jump is the easiest way to feel the thrill of skydiving. After a thorough ground preparation, you will be ready to...take off! With our expert instructors, you will jump out of a plane from 14.000 ft. Come enjoy an incredible free fall over the beautiful Mountains and Seas of Greece. It is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You definitely want to have your skydive filmed, so make sure you ask for video and photos when you book your tandem. After your jump, you will be able to share your experience with friends and family back home! If you are looking for the ultimate heart-pounding thrill ride, you need to book this amazing Skydive Athens experience! Come to Skydive Athens and Enjoy! 15 minutes of scenic flight with our 18 seated plane 1 minute of free fall reaching speeds up to 220km/h 5-6 minutes of smooth parachute flight No experience required All equipment provided, just bring comfortable clothing and sneakers. No age limit, everybody is welcome! * The whole experience takes about 2 hours to complete Want to bring a support crew? Our viewing area is perfectly positioned so your friends and family can watch you land!


Rafting Lousios river (by Trekking Hellas)

Raft under the Lousios natural tunnel of trees - Show your rafting skills at the technical rapids of Alfios. - Have fun whilst swimming and jumping in the crystal-clear waters - Take the ultimate selfie at the impressive waterfall of Vrodos.

SUP Yoga


Kyma Surf School

Enjoy yoga while floating on water! Imagine the serenity of your yoga practice amidst gently lapping waves, the soothing sounds of water and a backdrop of a beautiful sunset...SUP YOGA for your body and mind.

Our SUP YOGA class combines traditional yoga postures (asanas) with the added fun of floating on a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) in flat water. After warming up with a gentle paddle, the SUP YOGA class starts.

Your mat is a stand-Up paddleboard, the world is your studio and the elements of sun, wind and water have been invited. It is truly like heaven on Earth.

YOGA and Stand Up paddling go hand in hand because they both "take you right into the moment". They require concentration, balance, proper breathing, relaxation, a sense of adventure, a sense of humor and the ability to surrender to something much bigger than yourself. On the one hand you need to be brave, on the other, there is an extreme sense of humility and huge surrender.

Since the platform is unstable, it is adding a whole new element of core strength, intense focus and single-pointed concentration taking the practice to an entire new level. You'll be more tuned in with your poses, and with yourself. Come experience the magic of opening up the breath, quieting the mind, and moving into greater alignment with yourself and the natural beauty that surrounds us out on the water - pure bliss. Move your mat onto the water. We are waiting for you.





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