Self n Soul Wellness Workroom

At the 4th floor of our hotel you will find your own place of wellness.  Welleness Workroom is created with love, good vibes and high energy by Anna Agrafioti OLY.

Our vision in Self n Soul Wellness Naturale is to enjoy life, Love all the existence & experience total Union. 
We provide the information, services, and experiences that make you recognize your uniqueness and start living a beautiful, happy, and fully balanced life. 

You Are Unique!
Our priority at Wellness Workroom is personalization. We welcome, recognize, and respect your uniqueness in our services.
We operate with personal appointments and in mini-groups of 2 to 4 people.
Our goal is to provide you with the tools and the knowledge you need so that you can experience well-being in your everyday life.
The base of our sessions is self-healing and self-realization.

Different parts of ourselves compose the whole!
A holistic approach to personal goals is the key to achieving wellness in our lives.
All our services focus on unifying the different parts of yourself—based on your suitability.
When the Self and the Soul communicate with truth and respect, harmony and peace are naturally implemented in your life.

Find your path to wellness and experience your healthiest, happiest & strongest You!
Discover our services here & easily book your session.

Schedule your Wellness Getaway!
Find your oasis in town! A seaside getaway full of detoxification, relaxation & self-realization.
Join us for a personalized or a special couple weekend. Check availability here. 
Every Thursday from May to September, start your day with joy, optimism & positive energy. 
Join a 45΄morning session that includes stretching, pilates, yoga & self-knowledge techniques!
Reservation required - Book your place here for FREE!

Click here to find more information & schedule your personal appointment!
You can also book your session via Reception or by calling (+30)6978174752

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