Wellness Workroom

At the 4th floor of our hotel you will find your own place of wellness.  Welleness Workroom is created with love, good vibes and high energy by Anna Agrafioti OLY.

Our vision is to enjoy Life, to Love all the existence & experience total Union. We provide all that will help you to recognize your uniqueness and live a beautiful, happy and fully balanced life.

Having as priority the individuality of each person, we welcome and recognize your uniqueness.
When your Self and your Soul communicate through truth and respect, harmony and peace are implemented naturally in your life.

Our services

Find your own Wellness Path

A personalized wellness consultation.
Let's find together which practice suits you best depending on your own characteristics, habits & lifestyle.

Transformational Yoga

An original yoga system that incorporates techniques from Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bhakti Yoga & White Tantra. A holistic approach to physical, spiritual and mental well-being. 
Ideal practice for: self-healing, self-realization & total empowerment

Yoga Nidra – Experience total rejuvenation

This 45-minute practice that simultaneously relaxes and energizes body & spirit. You will also receive a recorded practice for after use.
Ideal practice for: sleep problems, stress, anxiety and difficulty in relaxation

Bowen Therapy - Recover your inner therapist

"It is not a massage, it is a message!
A holistic physical therapy, which cooperates with the nervous system and the fascia to awake our body’s ability for self-healing.
Ideal practice for: stress, pain, chronic problems & diseases

Unite with your Truth

Pythagorean Numerology gives us the blueprint of our Soul & the understanding of our Self. Through our name and personal numbers we get the answers we are searching for.

Activate your wisdom

Discover T.I.M.E meditation, a holistic approach to physical health, emotional balance, spiritual & mental clarity.
Ideal practice for: immediate release of emotional & mental blockages but also development of imagination & inspiration

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